In 2010, post the global financial crisis, the commercial real estate sector of India reversed and put itself on a slow yet steady growth path. From 2016-2019, the annual office space leasing activity increased from 41.6 million square feet to 58.6 million square feet, translating into a compounded annual growth rate of 12% over the three years.

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It’s safe to say that 2020 threw everyone for a loop. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the lives of billions of people worldwide, and perhaps the most surprising element of all has been how COVID has supercharged the U.S. real estate markets rather than upended them.


The resurgence of the coronavirus has stoked fears that a V-shaped economic recovery could be out of reach, while also spurring concern that banking regulators, worried about potentially spiraling risks to the financial system, might crack down on banks and others exposed to souring real estate.

In a report published December 10, the real estate blog ranked the most expensive markets in Ontario according to average sale prices in October. It also determined how competitive each city was according to the sales-to-new-listings ratio.

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