In a report published December 10, the real estate blog ranked the most expensive markets in Ontario according to average sale prices in October. It also determined how competitive each city was according to the sales-to-new-listings ratio.


The Toronto real estate market came seventh with an average home price of $1,025,925 and a 45 percent sales-to-new-listings ratio, which means it is a balanced market.

Oakville, on the other hand, was the most expensive city in Ontario with an average home price of $1,313,481. Oakville was also a seller’s market with a 69 percent sales-to-new-listings ratio. But even Oakville wasn’t as competitive as Whitby and Burlington, which were 89 percent and 88 percent.

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Jessica Alba

According to October’s sales-to-new-listings ratio, Orangeville, at 105 per cent, was the most competitive market in the Greater Toronto Area. St. Catharines was the most competitive city in Ontario among the 35 markets listed.


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Toronto was actually the least competitive real estate market among the 35. The city’s sales-to-new-listings-ratio collapsed with newly built condo apartments hitting the market while the pandemic hit the gas pedal on an exodus away from the city.

Whitby and Burlington’s high sales-to-new-listings ratio has a lot to do with buyer’s looking for more green space, especially with more people working from home.