How 2020 impacted property prices in your suburb


Popular inner-city suburbs, more expensive outer coastal markets and lower-priced lifestyle markets ranked high in the top 10 suburbs with the biggest growth both nationally and state-by-state. The "COVID-19 effect" stimulated growth in lifestyle suburbs When the global coronavirus pandemic hit Australia in mid-March 2020, the outlook for the prope...

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Get inspired by these sustainable dream homes


Sustainable homes are better for the environment and can save you money in the long run. These homes show how finding a greener living situation can be achievable. A 10/10 sustainable home If you've been thinking of buying or building a more sustainable home, we've sourced three incredible properties with high sustainability ratings to show you how...

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The winners and losers of property post-COVID recession


This year marked a mild property downturn due to the coronavirus-led recession, but looking ahead 2021 is shaping up to be a positive year for property with a sharp recovery on the horizon. Australia is now out of recession and the property market is bouncing back, particularly in Melbourne after months of lockdown. While the real estate industry i...

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The Australian suburbs with the biggest rental price drops in 2020


The year 2020 proved a volatile time for the Australian property sector, with rental markets in the country's capitals bearing the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic, particularly unit markets in Sydney and Melbourne. Opportunities abound for savvy renters Finding a budget-friendly rental is a priority for most tenants, which can sometimes mean comp...

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Home inspections in a multiple-bid scenario


If you're selling a home in a hot market where multiple bids are expected, setting a conditions inspection date is also a great way to ensure any potential buyers who plan on making an offer can have an inspection completed that day to help mitigate risk.While traditional home and property inspections are completed after the offer has been accepted...

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5 real estate marketing trends to watch


As we move into 2021, we recognize that the old ways of doing business may never fully return to what it was before, and to succeed in the real estate game, Realtors have to adapt. The following are a few of the longer-term trends we see continuing into 2021 and beyond. 1. Digital and tech Although it took some time, more Realtors now see the value...

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Real estate hiring during the pandemic


Coronavirus. It has been a tumultuous ride. The masks, the slogans of calling it "the new norm" and the uncertainty of when this will all end have put a lot of people on edge. Fear runs through our veins now and fear dominates the questions both employers and employees are asking. Potential employees are even refusing to interview in-person The rea...

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A Bay Area Home Ideal for Lockdown


The house in Orinda, Calif., was designed for entertaining. But it turned out to be just as good for living through a pandemic. REPORT SHOWS STRONG RESULTS FOR LOWER NORTH SHORE Adam and Amy Dornbusch couldn't have known a pandemic would sweep across the world just as they were completing a gut renovation of their house in Orinda, Calif., a small c...

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Modern Apartment with Luxury Interior


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Five predictions for the property market in 2021


The year 2020 has been an uncertain time for the Australian property market. Despite predictions of large price falls early in the coronavirus recession, the property sector has come through the crisis in remarkably good shape. Property prices increased across the country during the pandemic and while supply is still low in most capital cities, buy...

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