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Property developer Novaland has launched its new Victoria Village project in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 2. Victoria Village will be a housing complex with condominiums, houses and villas and construction is expected to be complete in early 2020.

By 2030 the area is expected to have 275,000 people living in it and 50,000 ~ 75,000 people going to the area each day for work.

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The “Village” will include four apartment blocks of 25 floors each. There will be a total of 900 condominiums of one to three-bedroom size that will be designed in European style and the condos will range in size from 52 ~ 95 square meters. Prices for apartments are expected to start at $110,000 USD (2.5 billion VND).

Other parts of the project will include a total of 92 houses and villas. The size of the houses will be from 107 ~ 300 square meters, and the size of the villas will be from 160 ~ 400 square meters.

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The Victoria Village project will include a variety of amenities that one would expect in a high-end development including green parks, gymnasiums, jogging paths, play grounds for children and a 5,000 square meter swimming pool.

There are a number of other projects being developed in the area that include commercial buildings, a convention center and other residential products so there will be a variety of restaurants and retail establishments in the area and international hospitals and international schools will be nearby.

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There are a number of other projects being developed in the area that include commercial buildings, a convention center and other residential products


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Being creative is great for the soul, it brings peace. But before taking a leap, start searching what others are selling successfully. Maybe you get a unique idea. Visit craft shows, local retailers that sell crafts, and websites that are good at selling handmade items.


Love is coffee. You must agree, just like you’ve already agreed that you make delicious coffee no one can reject. It’s ubiquitous that caffeine craze in students is growing faster than ever. It’s your time to make lots of money from the coffee business.

Find ways to interact with coffee lovers and ask them to promote your coffee making talent to potential businesses like cafes or coaching institutes. You can even make a business from Instagram where advertisers always look to brand their companies.

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Everyone deserves to get more time to pursue hobbies. Young writers are also in high demand these days, especially people who love to travel a lot. This is one of the best hobbies for college students that have been happening in the world of work.

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