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Developers, tenants and visitors are eager to wait for the opening of Vincom Mega Mall Royal City – the biggest ever underground trading and recreation complex of South East Asia on July 26.

The opening ceremony of Vincom Mega Mall Royal City

According to Vingroup – the developer of this mega-complex, the opening ceremony of Vincom Mega Mall Royal City will be implemented at Royal City, 72A Nguyen Trai street, Thanh Xuan district of Hanoi.

The opening will be added with many different and sophisticated art performances and special promotions and gift presents will also be taken on this occasion.

Vincom Mega Mall Royal City is the first-ever entertainment complex in Vietnam

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Vincom Mega Mall Royal City is the first-ever entertainment complex in Vietnam which has been developed accordingly to the international Mega Mall model which can meet the highest demand of the customers and visitors.

Organised with “all in one” model, the complex combines a range of values of tourism, shopping and entertainment, as well as social exchanges, friendship gathering and especially family entertainment. It is not a home for more than 800 booths but also offering unique and new entertainment activities to its visitors.

Vincom Mega Mall Royal City combines a range of different unique facilities. It has the largest indoor water park in South East Asia, the first ice-skating rink in Vietnam, Vinpearl games, Fairytale Garden, Cinema, hypermarket, electronics and furniture centre. It also has a food street of 44,000 square metre with more than 170 restaurants.

Vincom Mega Mall Royal is developed by Vingroup

Vinpearl Water Park Royal City is listed in the top attractive games of Asia countries. In the total area of 24,000 square metres, Vinpearl Water Park Royal City is divided into 14 different items such as family and children swimming pool, professional sports pool, waves created pool, extreme free-fall water slides, super-speed spiral slides and concave super sliding tube.

Apart from that, Vincom Mega Mall Royal City also has the biggest in Vietnam - Vinpearl Ice Rink Royal City. With total area of more than 3,000 square metre, the Ice Rink will serve 150 players for every turn and especially players will be trained by Russia trainers – the homeland of skiing.

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  • Vincharm in healthcare and Vinmex inhigh-quality healthcare services.

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